SME Research Report 2017-2018

In Australia, a SME is defined as business having 200 or fewer employees. Microbusinesses have 1–4 employees, small businesses 5–19, medium businesses 20–199, and large businesses 200+. Australian SMEs make up 97% of all Australian businesses, produced one third of total GDP, and employ 4.7 million people. We value our relationships with our SME clients, [...]

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If someone says I have a buyer for your business be suspicious

Has someone said they have a buyer for your business? When we are talking with clients often they will tell us that someone has previously made contact to say they have a buyer for their business. If this happens be suspicious, it could be genuine and you don't want to miss a golden opportunity but [...]

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I want to buy a business but can’t find what I want

We often have people say to us they have been looking at acquiring a business for a long time but can't find the business they want. Generally these are people or organisations looking to grow through acquisition or to manage the business themselves. On any give day there are thousands of businesses on the market [...]

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Air Conditioning Empire Seeks New Owner

It's not every day that a 40 year old air conditioning empire seeks a new owner. Bissales is proud to represent this Group through the current owners retirement and sale of the highly successful and profitable air conditioning business. Why is this organisation such a respected market leader across Australia and New Zealand? Uniquely positioned [...]

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business succession planning

At some time we are all going to exit our businesses. Hopefully there is plenty of time plan however circumstances do change from time to time. It's possible you haven't given business succession planning any in depth though. Even if you are not immediately considering selling having your business in saleable condition at all times [...]

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