Do you have a business plan?

Government statistics provide a stark insight to business failures with a report of somewhere between 50-75% of businesses failing within 3-5 years of their commencement.

What’s more we have found many mature businesses that are over 5 years have no business plan and overtime the business declines.

Having a business plan increases the odds of your business succeeding from a 1-in-3 chance of survival to 4-in-5 and improves your multiple when the time comes to exit your business

Preparing a business plan enables you to maximise your business opportunities and minimise your risks. We can assist with the development of your business plan, so you can succeed in business.

  • We can provide you with powerful information that will help your business beat the odds:
  • An insight into why new businesses fail
  • Understanding the importance of Business Planning
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Minimising business risks
  • Characteristics of a successful business
  • Building and protecting a successful business
  • BisSales Value and Gap analysis
  • The role of a trusted adviser and how we can help

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