How much of your wealth is tied up in your business?

When you have most of your financial “eggs” in one basket, it is a good idea to watch that basket! Successful business owners are checking the value of their business every year, as part of their family wealth creation plan, and to reduce their value gap risk. A value gap risk is the difference between [...]

If someone says I have a buyer for your business be suspicious

Has someone said they have a buyer for your business? When we are talking with clients often they will tell us that someone has previously made contact to say they have a buyer for their business. If this happens be suspicious, it could be genuine and you don't want to miss a golden opportunity but [...]

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Business sale with leased premises

A business sale with leased premises can add an extra dimension to the sale of the business. Many businesses are dependant on the leased premises to continue , this is especially relevant to retail stores as location is such a key factor. Equally the cost of relocating for warehousing or manufacturing may make the current [...]

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Sold Crane Truck Business

BisSales has recently successfully sold a Melbourne based Crane Truck Business. Overview of Business: The business had carved out a niche for its self in the outer Melbourne suburbs over 30 years and had a strong long term clientele. They operated Rigid , semi-rigid and articulated crane trucks along with pick and carry crane. Our [...]

Buyer Seeking Commercial Cleaning Business

Are you seeking to sell a commercial cleaning business? We have a buyer!  Working together with business owners looking to sell, coupled with buyers seeking well established businesses, has built Bissales a reputation for being experts in business broking. […]

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Have you wondered what your business value is

What is your business value? Business value and valuation are often confused. An official Business Valuation is undertaken by a qualified business valuer and is generally used for specific purposes. This could be for a bank, a partnership settlement or some legal reason. A Business Valuation generally requires a full audit of information and can [...]

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overseas buyer for my business

The truth about overseas buyers Reports of recent times regarding foreign investment or overseas buyers in Australia makes good reading when you see headlines such as “Foreign investor buys Australian Company for millions”. The trouble is that in most cases these sales only relate to highly profitable businesses with substantial turnover. […]

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section 52 if I’m selling my business in Victoria

Do I need a section 52 if I’m selling my business in Victoria? What is a section 52? It is a reference to Statement by a Vendor of a Small Business used during the business sale process which is a document that the vendor prepares for the purchaser of a small business. […]

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