Why have BisSales Review, Market and Sell your Business?

Every business is unique, so a simplistic approach can’t be applied to selling your business, to us every business needs to be treated individually a simple X times EBITA is not always going to provide the maximum benefit to a seller.

BisSales is dedicated to releasing the maximum value of your business, we use extensive modelling to determine the potential value for your business.

What is the right sale price for your business?  Or what would someone pay for my business?

It can be a complex exercise to determine the price that a business might sell for and getting this right is critical to selling your business.

At BisSales use extensive modelling and market comparisons to provide advice on the correct listing price.

We also undertake Risk, Value Driver and Gap analysis to provide you with feedback on how you could increase the potential sale price.

BisSales is focused on unlocking the full value potential of your business using the following process, we take the stress out of the process for you.

  1. Initial free consultation: We meet every client face to face to understand your needs and your business during this initial consultation we explain the process of selling a business from beginning through to settlement.
  2. Business Appraisal and assessment: Following our engagement we undertake a process of information collection and analysis to determine, with your input, the listing price this needs to defendable to a buyer, we use models that support this price.
  3. Business Information package: also know as an Information Memorandum (IM) this is critical to the sale of your business and we develop an extensive package for each business.
  4. Marketing Plan: We explain the different marketing options and develop a plan to attract the right buyer enquiries including if the listing will be your brand or unbranded, on market or silent.
  5. Buyer Review: Once we start marketing we handle all the enquirers, they will be required to complete a confidentiality agreement before being provided any information. We undertake a review of the buyer’s background and resources to qualify their ability to proceed.
  6. Buyer information gathering: We will manage all information requests from the buyer, when we are confident that the buyer fits the business we would arrange a face to face meeting, we don’t waste your time bring a buyer to you unless we feel they have the potential to proceed.
  7. Negotiation: BisSales will help you negotiate the right terms, this is more than just price and the non-financial aspects can be more important to the outcome for the owners.
  8. Contract and Settlement: BisSales stays with you during this process there are a large number of factors that can prevent settlement and even a sale to fail at the last minute, we stay with you until settlement to liaise with all parties to maximise the likelihood of a smooth settlement.

BisSales are committed to our clients and we are honoured to be their representatives and ensure that the utmost confidentiality in all dealings.

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