In Australia, a SME is defined as business having 200 or fewer employees. Microbusinesses have 1–4 employees, small businesses 5–19, medium businesses 20–199, and large businesses 200+. Australian SMEs make up 97% of all Australian businesses, produced one third of total GDP, and employ 4.7 million people.

We value our relationships with our SME clients, and we know you are looking for assistance to grow, improve, reduce stress and succeed in your business.

There are advisory solutions available, and this report features information on the advisory solutions that are most wanted by SMEs.

Coinciding with the release of the SME Business Research Report 2018 now offers our SME clients The Better Business Program, which is featured in the report. It is the #1 advisory solution wanted by SMEs from their accountant. The program provides structure and process to support our clients to de-risk their business, grow and improve their profit and cash flow.

I encourage you to use the insights in this year’s report to take action. With our advice and support you can take control of your improvement journey. The first step is completing the Business Risks Survey, a short version of which is available here on our website,  his is very high level but you can contact us and we can email the full version.

To understand the Business Risks Scorecard and full details of the program, please download our report and peruse at your convenience.

We welcome your feedback on the report, and look forward to discussing this further with you.



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